Giant Teacup Planter for a Touch of Humour in the Garden

I recently saw this oversized teacup planter in Homebase for £7.99. I thought it would make an easy and charming centre piece for the outdoor dining table in my small garden. Alongside this geometric design there was a floral pink cup and a black and white Damask cup.
When deciding which plants to use I thought I would need plants which could tolerate all day sun and dryness. I choose from plants already growing in the garden so was able to split them for free plants!

In this planter I have some Sedum, Harts Tongue Fern and Armeria. You may want to have something in there that will stay green over the winter so you could use Heuchara or Trailing Ivy. I’ve gone for a low key coloured foliage look but there’s no reason you can’t go full on bright colours with bedding plants like Magnolias and Zinnias.

When planting up make sure you start by adding material for good drainage so the plant roots aren’t sat in water. This can be gravel, loose stones, broken crockery or even polystyrene chips. Use any compost but mix it with some soil from the ground to improve soil structure and water retention.

If you’ve chosen some evergreen plants then the planter can stay on display all year, otherwise it can be tucked away during the winter and even planted up with some bulbs for Spring colour.

What ever you do with your planter it will bring a touch of tongue-in-cheek humour to your garden while remaining thoroughly cool.

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