Wall Photo Mural Success!

Having thought of using one of these for a while but put off by the hefty price tags, I was pleasantly surprised with a large Wall Photo Mural I used from The Sticker Wall for £34.99. This Wall Mural was inexpensive, easy to put up and great quality. Any doubts I had before ordering had disappeared one it was on the wall.

I would like to do a tutorial for you but it’s been put up already!  Though I can give some tips.


 Firstly, the rubber squeegee is your friend! This tool makes all the difference.I started without this and had bubbles and crinkles all over the place. I then grabbed an Ikea squeegee from the bathroom et voila! No bubbles, no crinkles, no problem.

Line up each new piece stick placing with masking tape before unpeeling the backing paper. As long as the main lines across the piece are in line other areas can go unnoticed if they don’t match perfectly.

Source: stickerswall.com

Overall I can highly recommend using on of these Sticker Wall Murals, the quality is superb and putting it up on the wall is surprisingly easy. I’m already planning where I can put up my next one.

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