Bookshelves Sorted by Colour – Follow Up Post

I posted a tutorial last week from At Home In Love on Colour Coding Books.

I tried it out for myself and am really pleased with results.

For some the very idea of sorting books by anything other than A-Z Authors Surname is paramount to blasphemy! 

But many like myself do not regularly use the books on their bookshelves, for me they’re largely books already read and are now on the shelf to make me look intelligent! So having a non-alphabetised system is fine.

The best tip from At Home In Love I found was to think what colour arrangement I wanted. It doesn’t have to be just rainbow colours, you can have cool and hot colours together and black and white.

One tip I can add was before you start, take a tally of what colours the books you have are. It’s no going for a rainbow effect if you have 15 blue books but only 2 red ones.

I was surprised to see I had mainly black, white and blue books. This was hard to see when all the colours were jumbled together.

I then emptied the shelves and piled the books into their colours (gave me a chance to dust the shelves!). I tried one arrangement which I didn’t like:

The bottom shelf I was happy with but the other two, well it’s hard to tell they’ve even been sorted by colour! I can blame my partners love of Sci-Fi novels for the amount of black books… Need to split them up and add another colour in there.

This is much better, the warm colours on the middle shelf break up the darker books and, well, they add some colour!
I also sorted my DVDs by colour, although I’m stricter with how they’re organised so I had to keep them in their movie genres!

I’m happy with this somewhat more subtle colour arrangement. Again the bottom row is mainly black due to the number of Sci-Fi movies.

The last good tip is to break up the books with personal ornaments. Placing them in gaps is a way to frame them. Also try to colour match ornaments in front of/next to books of the same colour.
So some before and after shots. If anything this exercise has made me tidy up the shelves as they were quite messy before!

I’m really happy how this had turned out. The effect is reasonably subtle on these shelves as many of the books are similarly coloured but it looks a lot more ordered than before. Now to go into the back room and sort out the books in there!

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