Label Printer For Easy Retro Touch To Your Home Or Office

A super easy way to add a retro or vintage touch to your kitchen, office space or any storage is a home label printer from Dymo.

These can be picked up for under £15 from online shops like eBay, Amazon or Staples. The labels come in several colours but I think the black labels give the best, most stylish look.
Ideas of where you can use the labels:

Kitchen tins and jars (spices, baking ingredients, dried foods. Looks especially good on mason jars).

Craft Supplies – any craft types will undoubtedly have boxes, tins and drawers full of supplies and materials.

Office and Stationary – Make your desk at work stand out or use in your home office space.

Storage cupboards and boxes – larger storage spaces.
The Dymo machines are very easy to use, do a few practice labels to get used to how it works. These machines are long lasting and would make great gifts for others or as a present to yourself!

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