Simple DIY Indoor Log Store from Wooden Pallet – Tutorial

I needed to create something to hold wood logs which could protect the floor and walls indoors.Using wooden pallets collected for free I was able to make and quick and simple solution!

Materials & Tools:

2 x Wood Pallets (I used one small and one large to fit in the space I needed)



Claw Hammer

Tape Measure


Wood file or sandpaper
1. Measure the space. My log store needed to fit into an alcove next to the chimney breast. Measure the width, depth and height you need.

2. Cut the base to size. Mark the size of your base and saw one of the pallets down to the size you need.

3. Deconstruct the second pallet. The pallet which will form the backboard needs to be broken down. Using the crowbar and claw hammer take the bottom ‘legs’ off, keep two of these planks intact as these will create the support bars.

4. With your backboard, cut down to size with the saw if you need to. Place the backboard upright against a surface which will support it and place the base up against it where it will be affixed.

5. Measure up the diagonal supports. With the backboard and base in place, put one diagonal supports up against them covering the outer corners where they can be nailed together. The top of the support will need a slice of the corner taken off for it to lie flush with the backboard. Mark this with a pen (the bottom may not need cutting back as no part may stick out). Cut away this corner, then take the other support bar and use the first as a template to mark the corner and cut this off too.

6. Now all the pieces are cut and ready to be fixed together. The easiest way to fix the base and backboard together is to find a box a similar height to the base so you can have the backboard supported solidly while you nail the pieces together. You can hammer 4-8 nails to affix the pieces until you feel it’s secure. 

7. Flip it on its side and nail the diagonal support in place, do the same on the other side.

8. Use a wood file or sandpaper to smooth down edges and corners.

9. All done! If you’re not keen on the plain wood look you can use a wood stain or paint to change this.

I’ve found this really useful and sturdy enough to pile logs high. This keeps a supply of dry logs ready at hand without having to go outside in the cold and wet!

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