8 Easy & Stylish DIY Alternatives To Christmas Trees

My flat is fairly small and we usually spend Christmas Day at our parents’ so the need for a Christmas tree to ‘keep presents under’ has been fairly defunct for the past few years. I do decorate the flat, just no tree. This year I feel like I want somewhere proper for the presents to live instead of just being kept in a bag in the wardrobe!

From a moral standpoint I’m against real trees as Christmas Trees as they are so wasteful. For me storage is also an issue so although I don’t mind plastic trees (they have a certain nostalgic and kitsch quality) I simply don’t have the room to store one away for 11 months of the year.

My default go-to for a Christmas Tree is a fallen branch brought indoors and covered in baubles and fairy lights. Although I do like this look I’ve done it a few times now, so went looking for what else I could create instead.


  1. Wire Frame Pyramid – This gives a minimalist look when just draped with fairy lights and allows gifts to be stacked up inside.
Source: http://www.vtwonen.nl


2. Paper Cone Tree – This could be made from newspaper for an Eco-friendly & alternative look.

Source: http://www.popsugar.com


3. Ladder Christmas Tree – This is one I’ve seen around, particularly on Pinterest. Very nice idea but you really need an old wooden ladder, I can’t imagine an aluminum giving a very festive look! Try looking in second-hand stores or your parents and grand-parents sheds and garages for one.

Source: http://www.kellyelko.com


4. Metallic Christmas Tree Mobile – If you are feeling particularly crafty this Martha Stewart project could suit you. One plus from this is that is would fold up small and not take up much storage room to be used year-after-year. Also I’m pretty sure you could make this without having to purchase a Circle Cutter…

Source: Martha Stewart


5. Painted Wood Christmas Tree Mobile- This tutorial uses some substantial materials but I’m thinking it would be done using Large Popsicle Sticks and Mini Pegs. The top rack could be an old wire oven rack or similar.

Source: http://www.curbly.com


6. Geometric Cardboard Table Top Tree – This Scandinavian style geometric design could be cut out of cardboard and slotted together to make a simple yet stylish tree.

Source: http://www.entermyattic.blogspot.nl


7. Cute Cartoon Cardboard Tree – I am loving this Dr. Seuss style cardboard tree. Would be easy to do with cardboard boxes and acrylic paints. If you wanted to go more Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas you could easily do that too.

Source: Pinterest


8. Inverted Branch – Keep it simple. I know at the beginning of the post I wanted to try something other than dragging a broken branch indoors but I really like the look of this upside down branch, you could suspend it from the ceiling. Plus any Stranger Things fans could add a nod to ‘The Upside Down’ by using multi-coloured lights and making some hand drawn letters as baubles… I feel some crafting coming on! And maybe a viral image!

Source: http://www.mightygirl.com


Well after all that research I’m leaning towards the very thing I was trying to get away from which is the decorated tree branch. I think the Pop Culture reference to Stranger Things it would make me very happy!




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