Stranger Things Christmas Tree Tutorial with Printable Template

On my last post I was looking at Easy & Stylish DIY Alternatives To Christmas Trees. For my Christmas decorations this year I decided to go with a fallen tree branch decorated with multi-coloured lights and some alphabet baubles for a Stranger Things inspired Christmas Tree!

For those not in the know, Stanger Things is a new TV show for 2016 from Netflix featuring awesome 80’s nostalgia plus other-worldly creatures and paranormal happenings. Great show. One of the most memorable scenes from the series is the alphabet wall created by a desperate mother to try and communicate with her son who is trapped in a parallel dimension.

Stranger Things Alphabet Wall


For my decoration baubles I’ve taken a vintage wallpaper very similar to the one at Winona Ryder’s house for the background and placed black rough painted letters over. I’ve turned the temeplate I used into a downloadable and printable template for others to use too!

Making the Stranger Things Baubles

You will need:


  • You will need to print the template onto A4 paper in colour. These can be done as
  • single-sided decorations but print two copies if you want to go for double-sided.


Download Printable Template Of Stranger Things Christmas Baubles


  • With the first print out. Glue it firmly to thin card (if you don’t have any crafting card you can look through the recycling for breakfast cereal boxes or similar and use these). Then take a pair of scissors and cut around all 26 baubles.


If you’re doing single-sided decorations skip to the next step otherwise:

  • Take your second print out. Pairing the same letters together, glue the back of the card bauble and stick onto the back of the second print out so it lines up with the same letter. Then cut out around the card to create a bauble decoration which is the now the same on both sides. Do this for all 26 baubles.


  • Next take a pointy instrument and make a hole at the top of each decoration. Cut 26 lengths of string/cotton/ribbon and thread through the holes and tie into loops to hang the baubles.


Hanging Your Branch

My idea is to hang an inverted branch from the ceiling. This is to imply the Upside Down, the creepy parallel dimension featured in the series.

  • For the branch I went for a walk in a local woodlands and took a branch from a fallen tree. I went for one that was quite bushy. Back at home in my chosen spot I took a sturdy screw and screwed it into a solid part of the ceiling. For those worried about putting holes in their ceilings (like my partner!) you can easily fill this back in with polyfiller once Christmas is over.
  • I used clear fishing line plus some black Gift Wrapping Ribbon (that stuff is pretty tough!) to hang the branch. This needs to be a fairly solid hanging as it will need to support the weight of the branch, plus lights and baubles.




Decorating Your Branch

  • Once you’re happy with the branch hang your lights. These I put up as a set of three horizontal lines so my alphabet baubles could hang alongside it in rows.
  • Before hanging your Stranger Things Baubles put up any other decorations and baubles as the card baubles are very light weight so can be knocked off if placed first.
  • Hang your Stranger Things Baubles. Most effectively done in alphabetical order and in row so to be similar to the original series.
Stranger Things Baubles Christmas Tree
Stranger Things Baubles


  • Lastly, take a photo and share to show how cool you are! Winona would be proud.



I’d really love to see other peoples versions of this. Share your photos with me on here or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

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