Antique Animal Illustrations – There’s Potential Here…

I recently found a book on a Brooklyn street sale which I wrote about here: Fanciful Animal Illustration Find. Since then I’ve been looking at other books by the same publisher (Dover) who have a array of great sounding titles like:

  • ‘The Day Of The Dead: A Pictorial Archive Of Dia De Los Muertos’
  • ‘Art Deco Design Fantasies’,
  • ‘Gargoyles & Grotesques’
  • ‘Snow Crystals’

Who wouldn’t want these on their bookshelf?

On order I have two of their animal and plant books focusing on scientific illustrations and etching plate designs. I’ve always loved these and often thought you could take a page right out of one of these books, frame it and stick it straight on the wall.




Having since looked around online there isn’t too much of people using these as a basis for design items for homeware or interior design. So I’ll say it right here – the 2017 craze for vintage animal drawings started here people!

I’m going to start working on some designs based on these images and similar, getting creative with some swirling colour ink backgrounds. Should have some first drafts and experiments done by next week so I’ll keep you posted!

Meanwhile here’s a frog riding a penny farthing, flies on a tandem plus a beetle on a unicycle to keep you entertained until then (hats off to Free Vintage Illustrations for some great images).


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