Succulent Terrarium in Geometric Glass and Gold – How to Plant Tutorial

Earlier this year I bought a geometric glass and metal candle holder which was hung out in the garden all Summer. Now as my succulent plant obsession grows I’m turning it into a terrarium!

This style of glass and metal ornament has been very popular and there are many around. Here’s what I did as a loose tutorial and guide which could be done with any style or size of these terrariums:

What you’ll need:

– Glass and metal terrarium

– Succulent Plants

-Compost (peat-free)

– Grit/Gravel

– Black Mulch Fabric (optional)

1. Take your terrarium and decide whether you want to line the inside with Mulching Fabric. This can be bought at DIY stores and garden centres. I lined mine as I didn’t want soil coming out through gaps in the terrarium, the fabric provides a waterproof lining. 

The terrarium I had had a hole in the bottom, if yours doesn’t you may want to drill one out. Or just water little and often so you don’t have sitting water at the bottom as the plants dislike this.

2. Fill the bottom of the terrarium with a mixture of compost (use peat-free please!) and grit/gravel. 

The gravel I used was from the pet shop for fish tanks! You can buy different colours for using as a finishing layer once the succulents are planted. The ratio needs to be around 50:50 as the plants like a loose and well drained soil.

If you lined your terrarium you can now trim this back to the level of your soil.

3. Plant your succulents. I found a pack of 3 plants in Homebase for £3.00! So check DIY stores for good deals.

Handle the plants carefully as they are fragile. Create a hole in the soil with your fingers the same size as the plant’s rootball. Place it in the hole and gently press the soil back in around it. Do this for all your plants. 

4. Finishing touch. Take a few handfuls of the grit and place a layer at least 1cm thick on top of the soil. Carefully push the gravel up around the bases of the plants. Give the plants a light watering.

Very happy with the results! Now I just need to decide where to put it! They can live either indoors or outdoors, even over Winter. What they really hate is being wet so only put them outdoors somewhere that they won’t get rained on too much. Enjoy!

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