Succulent Maddness! Affordable Potted Plants For Easy, Low Maintenance Style

Oh no! Another post about succulents! I cant help it! Listen, I just got back from a quick trip to Homebase DIY store upon where I spotted some really nice succulents in sturdt ceramic pots. The plants are of a good size and pots are in a range of muted pastel and earthy shades, for £4.97 each! Pretty good value!

They also had some planted arrangements in Terracotta pots from £5.99- £20.00.

Any one of these gets you in on the succulents trend which is showing no sign of abating, and with good reason. These plants are VERY low maintenance making them perfect for the less greenfingered or more forgetful amongst us!

Put them somewhere with natural sunlight and water every 1-2 weeks. Boom. They even don’t mind the cold so can be kept outside on a windowsill  (so long as they don’t get too wet).

I’ll try and make my next post about something else, but no promises! 

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