The 100 Day Project: 100 Days of Illustration – Day 1!

With my recent foray back into drawing and particularly pattern design I’ve felt the need to try and improve my techniques and hone in on more of my own ‘style’. It’s been a good few years since I finished art college and I’ve done little drawing or art since then so any skills I gained have all dissipated with disuse!

The 100 days project is a simple and effective way to get in some practice but also have a purpose to it. Aside from basic drawing practice my main aim is to hone in and finalise a personal drawing style which I can take on and use for my future work.

Having bought myself a brand new sketchbook for this new start I started the 100 Day Project by loosening up and drawing an easy title page for the project and the sketchbook.

Day 1

Using mixed media to get back in the mind frame this quick drawing uses: quill and inks, watercolour pencils, fine liner and brush felt tip pens.

It feels good to start this project and I do feel a realistic prospect that I can achieve my goal in 100 days time.

For more regular updates on this projects progress you can take a look at my Instagram feed: bowerbirdhouse_ on Instagram

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