Pulse London Trade Show Round Up and Trend Forecast

Earlier this week I attended the trend forecasting trade show Pulse London at the Kensington Olympia. I went with my go-to textiles expert and owner of Sashabay Soft Furnishings for moral support and to have someone to squeak at all the lovely things with!


There were indeed a great deal of lovely things, many amazing and talented makers and designers on showcase. A few of the illustrators stood out to me and their designs are right on trend:

Lucy Tiffney‘s wallpaper designs was one of the best stands at the show. Deservedly picking up the Best Newcomer Award.


Repeat Repeat were showcasing some fabulous ceramic ware, both simplistic rustic and out there psychotropical goodness.


House of Hopstock also had some bold, bright psychodelic colours in use and fun animal motifs.


And last but not least the wonderful stand by Sam Wilson made us want to stop, sit down and relax surrounded by all the countryside themes and beautiful muted earth palettes.

Image: https://samwilsonstudio.com/



Tread Forecasts

The Pulse London team have forecast some upcoming themes and areas for the 2018/19 season. We also spot a few reoccurring themes ourselves to make our own predictions!

Pulse London says:

Candied – the use of pastel colours clashing with bright candy colours. Lemon yellow, bubblegum pink, cyan and magenta with baby pink, coral orange & mint green.

iama london
Image: https://www.iama.london/

Crafted – Handmade objects with a rough and rustic feel. Upcycled vintage and one off pieces. Muted neutral colours with pops of heather purple, berry red, spearmint green and warm earthy browns.

Image: https://www.chive.com/


Inner Balance – A nod towards spiritualism, Astrology, crystals & gemstones. The use of night sky motifs with palettes of off-white, gold , silver, deep purple, navy blue, rose pink and burgundy.

Image: http://liljebergs.nu


We spotted some reoccurring themes to be able to make our own trend predictions:

Vintage Botanicals – Many products showed beautiful scientific illustrations of plants and flowers. Some in full colour with rich purples, deep reds and lush greens. Others as line drawings alongside pops of vibrant colours.

Image:  http://www.allthewaystosay.com
catherine lewis
Image: https://www.catherineannlewis.com/

Illustrated Animals – Alongside the vintage botanical motifs we spotted lots of animal characters on products across all industry areas. Many of the interior design and stationary products showed similarly illustrative line drawings with vibrant colours and metallics. We also spotted many chic and modern interpretations of countryside and farmhouse style motifs.

Image: https://thornbackandpeel.co.uk/



Overall the standards were very high and certainly encouraging to see so many individuals showcasing their own work. As somebody hoping to hold some stands myself in the future Pulse London will be up there on my list of shows to attend.

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