Hello 2019

A new year already? Wowzers. 2019 will be my first full year as a freelance illustrator so it’s an exciting and scary January this time around. As part of reviewing my 2018 work I tried out the Year of Colour website on my Instagram account and to my delight it showed a palette of mainly muted earthy tones. The exact colour range I’m aiming for in my work!


Although I can’t reveal too much on what I’m working on I think I can allow a tiny sneak peek. First is a collection based around the Arctic sea ice and tundra, here are some of the initial motif drawings and a little peak of a summer tundra landscape:

Summer Tundra6


Another project is an illustrative botanical collection inspired by the amazing range of seeds and seed pods the plants have developed. Heres a sketch of the garden dandelion flower and a sample of the finished pattern:



Although I always find it sad to leave a year behind 2019 is full of promise and opportunity so it’s hard to stay sad for too long! Plus we’re on the look out for a new puppy so if nothing else so if that’s not exciting then nothing is.


2 hello2019

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