Digital Artworks in the Making!

With the attitude of wanting to explore as many aspects of illustration as I can, recently I’ve been busy working towards opening an online shop purely for digital artworks.

Instead of buying a physical print which gets sent in the mail the customer simply buys the digital file and either prints it themselves or has the print done in the exact size they want locally!

It’s such a fantastic way for people to have affordable art up in their homes.


With this in mind I’ve been focussing on the popular area of illustrated inspirational quotes. Lots of research went into finding quotes that stayed genuine to the brand I’m trying to create (I couldn’t make myself draw any quotes that where too soppy!) and I now have a long list of great quotes ready to be illusrated.


These are slowly being added to an Etsy store, when purchased they are available for immediate download so no waiting around for the postman!

Shop Banner with Caption 2

There’s currently a 50% Launch Sale running for at least a month to try and attract people to the newly opened store. Take a peek and grab yourself some positive vibes, on sale now!

Printable Wall Art Peachy Positivty Set 2

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