Portfolio Gallery

Here is a selection of my most recent work and other works all available for licensing or outright purchase. These designs are currently exclusive and fresh to the market.

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Please contact me to discuss any of these designs or any projects you may be interested in working with me on.

Dinosaurs Do Archaeology

These dinosaurs are making amazing discoveries! A funny character filled design of dinos, skeletons, tools, maps and wonder!

Papercut Polar Bears

Intricate polar bear characters sit on a soft watercolour background. A soft and delicate winter pattern featuring the beloved bears and surrounded by fluttering snowflakes.

Gingerbread Town

Christmas is coming home to the gingerbread streets! Take a bite from this charming festive design.

Retro Pop Christmas

Take a leaf out of the mid-century book and have a colourful christmas!

Retro Festive Flurry

A nostalgic kick and retro pops of colours give these Christmas designs a great twist.

Bountiful Blossom Tabby’s

Floral motifs burst from this design with lazing cats nestled amongst the blossoms

Floral Fido’s

Delightful doggies frolic in fields of flowers

Skulls & Thorns

A spooky design of human skulls entwined with thorny rose blooms. Gothic halloween vibes ring out from this dark and enchanting pattern.

Halloween Cookie Cutters

Halloween fun with playful skeleton cookies. Bright & bold seasonal colours work with the charming characters to create this impish set of patterns.

Glamourween Snake Slither

A spooky set of illustrated halloween snake patterns with a glamouress twist.

Prairie Glade Herds

In the vast prairie grasslands the wild horses run free. A characterful design of spirited stallions and nimble mares

Pumpkin Patch Jumble

A harvest celebration of the pumpkin still fresh on the vine.

Winter Seeds Cascade

A bright, flowing design of tumbling seed heads and textured leaves.

Rustic Leaf Rustle

Tumbling, textured leaves feature in this autumnal set of designs of warm colours and block print stlye leaves.

Happy Ginkgo Lucky

This wonderful oddity of a leaf makes the central motif for these happy go lucky designs.

Winter Tree Seeds

A rustic, textured jumble of tree leaves and seeds in warm, neutral colours.

Red Panda Forest Bonanza

Adorable Red Pandas hanging out in their natural, bamboo jungle home

Inspirational Botanical Quote Prints

A series of motivational and inspirational quotes framed with chic, illustrated foliage.

Let Spring Begin

After the long dark months of winter the vibrant colours and new life of spring are a welcome sight.

Mid Century Modern Garden

Jump back in time to a land of sublime pastel shades, curvy sci-fi motifs and plastic flamingoes!

Coastal Vistas

A summer seaside collection looking at the natural beauty of where the ocean meets the land. The flora, fauna and landscapes of the coast.

Woodland Scrub

Wander through the undergrowth in this collection of twisting brambles and mystic trees.

Snowflakes Minimal

A winter & christmas concept of minimal geometrics with delicate snowflakes.

Peachy Positivity

This collection of strong typographic slogans paired with bold geometrics promotes positivity with a retro twist.

Quills Exquisite

A collection inspired by the elegance and sophistication of the inking tools of old.

Adorable Axolotls

A collection featuring the amazing but endangered Axolotl as the star as the show.

Felines & Foliage

Swarthy cats and plenty of houseplants. A light-hearted set of patterns for the home nesters.

Glasshouse Gardens

Designs inspired from visits to lush palm houses and botanical conservatories, this verdant is bound to make you want to expand your houseplant collection!

Brooklyn Botanical

A scene based on the Aquatic House in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, NY


A celebration of fruits and vegetables grown in your own backyard

Woodcutter Cabin

On the sunny slopes of a Norwegian forset lies a Woodcutter’s Cabin.

Upcycled Garden

For the Eco-Friendly and green fingered, a delightful set of patterns

Kabuki Kingdom

Japanese theatre and traditional silk printed fabrics inspired this set of designs.

Christmas Spice

The festive spirit runs high with this collection filled with fragrance and spice.

Spring Doodles

A flurry of painterly, hand drawn motifs fill these pastel coloured designs for a soft yet quirky Easter collection.

Geo-Native Scribbles

Folksy line motifs are spliced with jumbled geometrics in this interesting mix and match collection.

Seed Pod Paradise

Bursting with botanical motifs this collection features illustrative florals and chraming ditsy patterns.

British Kawaii Kitchen

A celebration of the mutual obsession between British and Japanese cultures this collection depicts classic British culinary dishes in a graphic Japanese style.

Arctic Tails

A collection of focus patterns and co-ordinates filled with landscapes and characters from the great northern expanses.