Private Portfoilo Header SquareA selection of pattern designs from my current public portfolio, to see other colour variations and product mock ups click on each design’s page.

PRIVATE PORTFOLIO: A portfolio of exclusive and unpublished works which are available for licensing or purchase. Anyone wanting to view these please contact me for the access password or more information.


Snowflakes Minimal

A winter & christmas concept of minimal geometrics with delicate snowflakes.

Peachy Positivity

This collection of strong typographic slogans paired with bold geometrics promotes positivity with a retro twist.

Woodland Scrub

Wander through the undergrowth in this collection of twisting brambles and mystic trees.

Coastal Vistas

A summer seaside collection looking at the natural beauty of where the ocean meets the land. The flora, fauna and landscapes of the coast.

Mid Century Garden

Jump back in time to a land of sublime pastel shades, curvy sci-fi motifs and plastic flamingoes! This collection takes us right into the garden of a proud Fifties homeowner!

Let Spring Begin

This Spring collection celebrates the end of cold days and dark mornings with bright colours and happy motifs.

Quills Exquisite

A collection inspired by the elegance and sophistication of the inking tools of old.

Adorable Axolotls

A collection featuring the amazing but endangered Axolotl as the star as the show.

Felines & Foliage

Swarthy cats and plenty of houseplants. A light-hearted set of patterns for the home nesters.

Glasshouse Gardens

Designs inspired from visits to lush palm houses and botanical conservatories, this verdant is bound to make you want to expand your houseplant collection!


A celebration of fruits and vegetables grown in your own backyard

Woodcutter Cabin

These designs invoke the heavy pine scent of freshly sawn piles of logs and planks.

Kabuki Kingdom

Japanese theatre and traditional fashion themed pattern      

Upcycled Garden

For the Eco-Friendly and green fingered, a delightful set of patterns