A selection of pattern designs from my current public portfolio, to see other colour variations and product mock ups click on each design’s page.

A Private Portfolio of unpublished works is available to view which are available for licensing or outright purchase.  Contact me for access or more information.

Quills Exquisite

A full collection inspired by the elegance and sophistication of the inking tools of old.

Upcycled Garden

For the Eco-Friendly and green fingered, a delightful set of patterns  

Adorable Axolotls

Full collection highlighting these amazing but endangered creatures  

Felines & Foliage

Swarthy cats and plenty of houseplants. A light-hearted set of patterns for the home nesters.        

Desert Rains

A full collection of feature patterns and co-ordinates  

Go North

Polar Bears and whales hunt in the frozen Arctic sea  


Huge fallen branches are a living mass of draping, lush foliage  


A celebration of fruits and vegetables grown in your own backyard

Vanda Baskets

A jumble of swinging hanging plants: orchids, ferns and other exotic beauties                                                        

Kabuki Kingdom

Japanese theatre and traditional fashion themed pattern