Winter Tree Seeds

A rustic, textured jumble of tree leaves and seeds in warm, neutral colours. These patterns celebrate the intricate form of the humble leaf, the print motifs taken from real leaves and worked into rich, warm Fall colours.

Many trees become bare with only their hanging clusters of seeds left behind. Sycamore seeds swirl, Beech seeds pop and Acorns get plucked and buried! Here we see a celebration of the tree’s last hurrah of the year, an array of spiky to bulbous seeds plus an autumnal ‘rainbow’ of leaf colours. With a block-print style texture for that extra rustic, homely look.



Winter_Seeds_Heritage_House2WINTER_TREE_Seeds Coord Presentation SheetWINTER_TREE_Seeds Coord Presentation SheetWINTER_TREE_Seeds Coord Presentation SheetWinter_Seeds_Heritage_House Cushion Mockup